- Alles over jouw browser        
 A browser (also known as an internet browser or web browser) is the program that allows you to view websites on the internet.
The most popular and well-known browsers today are Google Chrome and Edge, the browser from Microsoft that you will find on Windows 10 and Windows 11. You will also regularly encounter web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari from Apple. Safari is the browser you see used a lot on iPhones and iPad for surfing. Many will also have heard of Internet Explorer or perhaps Netscape, the browser that was one of the first to be very popular in the 1990s.

Each browser has a logo or icon that is very recognizable to most people.

In the early days of the internet it was only possible to view text and images, but now you can also view movies via well-known websites such as Youtube. The convenience of surfing the web is becoming increasingly popular. For example, it has been possible for years to add your favorite websites to a list of favorites in your browser itself so that you do not have to remember the exact address. If you don't remember a thing or two, you can search in the address bar and it will automatically search the web with Google or Bing.

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