Search Google like a Pro!
Who doesn't use Google every day to look something up? About the news, for the study or to compare something before you buy something, everyone sometimes uses Google to look something up. But can you always find what you are looking for? Couldn't searching be a bit smarter? With these 20 Google search tips and tricks you can quickly improve your search results.

1. Use the google tabs

The first tip is also the fastest, use the tabs in Google Search. There are tabs at the top of each search results page.
  • All
  • Video
  • Pictures
  • News
  • Books
  • Financial
Using these tabs you can determine what kind of search you want to perform or refine. If you need images, use the Images tab. If you're looking for a recent news article, use the News tab.
If you are not using these tabs yet, then definitely use them to drastically reduce your search time. Under the option "More" you can find even more options that can make it easy for you.

2. Use quotation marks

Are you looking for something specific? then it can be useful to put your search terms in quotes. Search your search result must contain the search terms exactly that way. So you search for a "whole sentence" instead of individual keywords.
Are you looking for:
  • enable javascript (without quotes)
  • "enable javascript" (with the quotes)
  • "enable javascript"
Take a look at the differences in the search results. Without the quotes the search terms can appear in any order, with quotes it must be in that order.

3. Use a plus sign (+) for words that must occur

Sometimes you are looking for a word with an ambiguous meaning. An example is Bank. When you search for Bank on Google, you may get results for both the bank to set up and the bank to manage your finances.
bank + money
sofa + sitting
With the first you get results about banks where you can arrange your money matters, with the second you get information about sofas, sofa beds or sofas.

4. Use a colon to search one website

If you want to search for something on a certain website, you can use a colon and the domain name to indicate what you want to search for.
You may need to search Google for articles or content on a particular website. The syntax is very simple and we will show you below.
  • "enable javascript"
This allows you to quickly search a certain website, even if the site itself does not have a search option. Make sure you don't use a space after the colon and the doomin name.
You can also use the minus sign to exclude websites from the search results:
  • laptop

5. Find a page that links to another page

This Google search tip is a bit unclear. Instead of searching for a specific page, you're looking for a page that links to a specific page.
  • link:
That will return all pages that link to the website . However, keep in mind that the more specific it is, the fewer results you'll get. We know that not many people will use this Google search trick, but for some it can be very useful.

6. Search in the title only

With the option allintitle: you can search for words that may only appear in a title.
  • allintitle:enable javascript

7. Find sites that are similar (related).

This is an option that few people know about the related option. It allows you to find sites similar to your favorite website. Suppose you always read the but now want to read the news on another website, then use related.
You can find websites such as, but this website is missing in the results. Handy for discovering something different.

8. Use Google Search to calculate

Google Search can really do the math for you. you can have simple sums calculated for you. Not everything is possible, but if you don't have a calculator with you, this is really handy.
  • 6*9-6*3 , The result is 36 where a calculator is also shown for further calculations.
  • PI , you will be shown the value of this constant, 3.14159265359

9. Add multiple search terms

There comes a time when Google Search doesn't return the results you expect. In this case, keeping it simple may not be the best option.
As Google itself suggests, the best practice is to start with something simple and then gradually get more complicated. See example below:
  • First attempt: javascript
  • Second attempt: enable javascript
  • Third attempt: enable javascript ios
  • fourth attempt: enable javascript ios phone
This will gradually refine the search to give you fewer, more targeted terms. The reason you don't go straight from the first try to the third is because you might miss what you're looking for by skipping the second step.
Millions of websites formulate the same information in different ways; by using this technique you can search as many as possible to find the best information.

10. Use terms that websites would use

This is a very important tip. Every website has its own jargon and use of terms so make sure you use these if you are looking for something specific.
Are you looking for a Card or a credit card? With a Card, results of playing cards are first shown, for example to play cloverjacks. When searching by credit card, you will find the results that relate to Visa and Mastercard.

11. Google Search has shortcuts

A number of commands can be entered to give you instant results.

Just like the calculation example above, Google can instantly give you the information you need, which is displayed at the top of the search results. This can save time and effort so you don't have to click on a bunch of annoying links.
Here are a few examples of some of the commands you can enter into Google:
  • Weather Amsterdam* – This shows you the weather in the specified city.
  • Define: browser - What is the definition of *word* or Define: *word* – Displays the definition of a word.
  • time *new york* - This displays the time where you type.
You can check any stock by typing the ticker name into Google. Searching on GOOG checks stock prices for Google.
These quick commands can condense a web search, which usually consists of several clicks, into a single search. This is very useful for information that you need repeatedly.

12. Fix google spelling errors

Searching on Google has gotten a lot smarter over the years. Nowadays you don't even have to write words completely correctly. As long as it's reasonably close, Google can usually figure out what it means. Here are some examples:
If you search for 'Nver Gna Gve Yo Up', Google will automatically assume that you mean to search for 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. If your misspelling was intentional, Google will give you the option to search for the misspelled term instead.
This trick is great if you've forgotten how to spell something or aren't quite sure how something is spelled.
google search spelling mistakes suggestions

13. Search locally

Looking for a shop or restaurant nearby? Because Google knows your location from where you are searching, it is easy to search for a certain type of store or restaurant. Just search for a snack bar or supermarket and see what can be found in your neighbourhood.

14. Size Conversions and Exchange Rates

Google Search can convert both units of measurement and currency values quickly and accurately. This can be usefully used in several ways, such as checking the exchange rate between two currencies.
  • 7 feet to meters
  • 15 miles to km
  • 7 pounds to euros
  • 35 gallons to litres
These options are certainly useful if you are on holiday where they do not count with kilometers, liters or euros.


Google Search is a very powerful search tool. Using the tips described above, you can find anything and everything on the World Wide Web.
Whether it's avoiding Wikipedia for a school essay project, finding the latest stock quotes, or even finding song lyrics, there's a way to make Google Search work for you.

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